This List Showing How Much Money America’s CEOs Have In Their Retirement Funds Might Actually Make You Cry

by 3 years ago

It’s things like this list of 100 CEOs in America who have more money in their retirement funds than 50 MILLION Americans COMBINED that make me stop and wonder ‘how much is too much?’ I’ve always been of the frame of mind that you can NEVER have too much money. Years ago when Bill Gates started convincing the world’s billionaires to give away 90% of their wealth to charity after they die I was flabbergasted, completely miffed by the fact that the people who had accumulated the most wealth in the world were willing to just toss it away, as if they hadn’t all worked their asses off to attain that wealth.

Now, after seeing this list showing how much money America’s top CEOs have in their retirement funds I’m questioning everything, I’m beginning to think that maybe there is a certain benchmark of wealth where anything beyond that is pointless, and I think I’ve found that benchmark on this list of America’s CEO’s retirement funds. The list I keep referring to came to me by way of a study undertaken by The Center For Effective Government, and it’s about to blow your goddamn mind. Let’s start by looking at the top 10 retirement accounts from CEOs in America:

If you’re not crying yet don’t worry, I’m about to start chopping a lot more onions….

Here are the retirement assets, including the monthly check received, for 70 of the top CEOs in America. You can read the entire report by CLICKING HERE, if you want to search through the rest of the names on the list. Make sure to take note of the far right columns, the column that shows how big of a monthly check they each get per month:

I give up. I’ll never be receiving monthly checks for hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars, let alone receiving those checks during retirement. I have zero problem with wealth inequality in America, our CEOs are deserving of their money, I’m just deeply depressed at this moment that I’ll never reach anywhere even close to that level of success….


[h/t BusinessInsider]

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