This Obese Girl Who Lost 100 Pounds And Became A Hot Model Will Help Keep Your New Years Resolutions Alive

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I know many of you have still subscribed to the “New Year, New Me” mantra. Typically around January 31 I start to abandon all the measures I’ve vowed to put in place to dig myself out of being a piece of shit, but stories like these ones make me feel empowered and could extend my resolution to February 1. I hope this motivates you to become the best version of yourself.

Mathilde Broberg, 21, from Aarhus, Denmark ballooned to almost 280 pounds after consistently binging on multiple-course dinners and chocolate. Her daily calorie intake was hovered around 3,500, nearly double the recommended intake for a girl of her age and her BMI was 40.6, putting her into the highest category of obesity according to the World Health Organization, according to Daily Mail.

The tipping point came when she was almost turned away from riding on a roller coaster after struggling to secure the harness. From that day forward, Mathilde ditched sweets, pasta, bread, chips, and everything that previously brought her comfort. Four years later, she shed 125 pounds.

Never quit or give up! 2011 vs 2016 – Lost 140 lbs/63kilo on my own READ BELOW _ You have to make small goals for yourself. Take one day at a time, don't give up and you'll see the results after a short time as long as you remember NOT to give up or "fall in" 👆🏼 If you truly want to lose weight you'll be able to stay focused and determined 💪🏼 You just gotta stay strong and don't look back! _ Ask yourself: "What if I lost 1 lbs every 10th day or every week? Where will I be in one year if I start today?" _ By telling myself that I stayed motivated – So don't quit because "you think it doesn't matter anyways…" _ Stay focused and remember your goals – they're not that far away if only you keep pushing! _ How I started was basically just from one day to another – I had enough! So that must have been what kept me going. And trust me; I've failed MANY times before trying to lose weight, but in 2012 I simply had enough and I've never looked back! _ I went from 268lbs (120kg) or even more to 125lbs (57kg) – and now I'm around 149lbs (68-70kg) ❤️ I'm 5'9/176cm. If you're looking for more about my weightloss story and how I did, go to my Instagram and read my posts! _ #fridaymotivation#keepfighting#reachforthestars

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Today, Mathilde Broberg now weighs 147 pounds and is a successful sportswear and catalogue model, against all odds.

She attributes her success to tricker her body into thinking its fuller quicker by eating with a teaspoon and making sure her portions were no bigger than the size of her hand.

#bodypositive 💕 _ Love yourself and your body! Because you gonna stay in it for the rest of your life ❤️ _ Make the best out of it! Treat it nice; words and thoughts ❤️ And fuel it with healthy nutritious food. _ As many of you guys know, I've gained quite a lot of weight in a year. (11 kg/24lbs) Mostly muscle mass to fill out excess skin (because skinny-fit isn't an option for me with my skin/old harsh fat) and I've finally got to a place where I'm OK with the fact that I'll never get skinny! _ Don't reach for unnatural goals! And accept your body type ❤️ I will for an example never get those curvy hips because my hips are super narrow, and my legs are pretty thick and I have a long torso! Don't compare you with others, but love your OWN body ❤️

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BE CONFIDENT AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF 🙏🏼 (link in bio) • Since 2012 I've gone from 268lbs to 125lbs (Sep 2015) and now I'm 143 lbs – The first 90-100 lbs was mainly just by eating less and healthy, and after that I've been working out regularly (4-5 times pr week) ❤️ •• Get a personal trainer/coach to guide you through your workout to make sure you use the right techniques and doesn't waste your time by doing "unnecessary" things 💪🏼 I have the best coach in the world! Huge shoutout to @frederiklundberg – my coach, best friend and boyfriend ❤️ #blessed Be patient and don't ever look back – take one day at a time and make small goals 🙏🏼 •• TAG A FRIEND•• #weightloss#transformation#beforeandafter#bodypositive

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