This Video Shows How Awesome Pizza Delivery Will Be Via Drones

by 2 years ago

The futuristic pipe dream of getting a hot pizza delivered via UAV is nothing new: Back in 2013 I wrote about a marketing stunt where Domino’s “experimented” with using drones to deliver fresh pies to customers with a couple taps on an app. This hasn’t become the new normal… Yet.

Give it time. We’ll get to a world that’s like Minority Report some day. A mom and pop shop Mama’s Pizza just dropped a cool viral stunt showing off it’s drone delivery capabilities. It’s a pretty cool little spot: The pizza comes out of the oven, gets sliced up, then goes out the door and into the sky before arriving at your door step. It doesn’t seem that technologically and logistically impossible, except for the fact that once this starts becoming the reg we’ll have tens of thousands of drones couriering above every major city in the world. ESPECIALLY when the Amazon Prime drone delivery gets FAA approval. The chances they run into each other? Very likely.

Also: No way that pizza is staying warm without being in an insulated box. But, like I said, nice marketing gimmick.

Domino’s, meanwhile, dropped a similar marketing gimmick again, this time in Australia. Via The Tribune:

“We have a relentless passion to push the boundaries of what’s possible with pizza delivery,” said Michael Gillespie, chief digital officer for Domino’s in Australia. “As we get further, it’s not hard to believe that we might have a store with a couple of (robots) that are doing deliveries.”

Don’t be an asshole to your drone at 2am, Bros.

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