This Woman Has A SERIOUS Problem With Big Penises—She’s Team ‘Lil Dick’

by 4 years ago


The beauty of YouTube and ‘vlogging’ is that it enables anyone to speak their mind, for better or worse. Here we have Monique airing out her dirty laundry for the whole world to witness, and she’s got a serious problem: she hates big dicks.

And I’m not talking about that asshole who sticks his gum under the desk when he’s done with it. Yes, that guy is a big ‘ol dick. But she’s talking about anatomy here, and she’s team lil dick.
In fact, she’s the captain of team little dick, because from the passion with which she hates on gargantuan dicks it seems like there can’t be another person in the world who loathes them as much as she does.
Some of the descriptions she offers had me laughing waaaaayyyy too hard to explain to my colleagues what I was laughing at. So if you’re in the library I DARE you to try and keep a straight face while watching this.
Also, for all you poorly endowed bros out there: know that someone in the world appreciates you for who you are.



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