Marvel Movies Physics Advisor Explains Thor’s New Weapon In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Thor Ragnarok Gag Reel Chris Hemsworth


It’s been over a week since Avengers: Infinity War made it to the big screen. After Thor’s hammer was destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok we all expected him to get a badass new weapon at some point in this film and we were not disappointed. There are some potential spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the film since we’ll be talking about Thor’s new weapon, so head on out if you’re worried about that.

Clifford Johnson is a Professor of Physics at USC and he’s also a science advisor on Marvel movies who is brought on to make sure there’s always some measure of realism even in these complete fantasy situations. Here, he lays out a scientific basis for the truly awesome power of Thor’s new weapon, an axe named Stormbreaker:

So, about Stormbreaker. I think one of the cooler things we learned in Thor: Ragnarok is that Thor possesses these innate abilities to channel his powers as the God of Thunder and Lightning. His old hammer and his new axe Stormbreaker help him channel these existing powers, only Stormbreaker is doing it on steroids.

Am I alone in thinking that this professor has one of the coolest side gigs in all of academia? This dude’s out here getting paid to consult on Marvel films and has a sneak peek into these movies in ways some of the actors couldn’t even get access to.