Billy Bob Thornton Claims He Never Slept With Amber Heard And That Johnny Depp’s Accusation Is A ‘Fantasy’

Details of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s dysfunctional marriage have inevitably leaked to the public as their divorce proceedings have begun, and man oh man are they not pretty. First a video emerged of an “enraged” Depp going off on Heard and smashing a wine bottle, then a photo of his sliced-off finger was released with claims that he’d cut it off himself while drunk and high on ecstasy in the middle of a fight with Amber. Always one for showmanship, Depp then reportedly dipped his cut finger into paint and wrote “Billy Bob” and “Easy Amber” on a mirror in their home.

Why “Billy Bob”? Because Depp was under the impression that Heard and Billy Bob Thornton had slept together during their time filming London Fields, a claim that Heard strongly denies, as does Thornton. According to TMZ, Thornton calls the allegations “completely false” and says he never socialized with Heard off set, not including a cast dinner that everyone attended. Adding that he didn’t even have a friendship with Heard, he says that their relationship was “all professional, on the set, and that was it.”

Thornton even goes so far as to say that even though Depp was on set with them, he never even spoke a word to him.

And as for whether or not Thornton could be lying, well, he has reason to – our favorite Bad Santa has been married since 2014, however he doesn’t strike me as the type to cheat and lie. Then again, Johnny Depp didn’t strike me as a fucking nut who writes cheating accusations in a mixture of blood and paint all over his house, so who knows? Thornton does note, however, that he’s discussed Depp’s allegations with his wife and “assured her it was Johnny’s fantasy.”

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