Video Emerges Of An Enraged Johnny Depp Going Off On Amber Heard And Smashing A Wine Bottle

The controversial divorce between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard took a dark turn on Friday night when a dark and violent video was released by TMZ.

A furious and possibly intoxicated Depp is seen ranting at his former wife. The Hollywood actor storms into the kitchen yelling, then he kicks and slams kitchen doors.

“I just woke up and you were still asleep,” Heard says. “We’re not even fighting this morning. All I said was sorry.”

“Did something happen to you this morning?” Depp asks. “I don’t think so.”

Depp throws a glass and a bottle of wine.

“You wanna see crazy. I’ll show you … crazy.”

Depp then pours wine into a glass. And then Amber asks, “Have you drunk this whole bottle this morning?”

That’s when Depp realizes that he is being recorded and it appears that the phone is shut off or broken by the actor.

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Sources connected with Johnny tell TMZ that the video is “heavily edited” and there are portions where Amber is seen smiling and egging him on. The sources add the video was a complete set up by Amber.

The shocking footage emerges only days before a hearing into Heard’s request for a domestic violence restraining order against Depp is to be heard on August 17. Heard said she did not release the video. Depp’s lawyer claims that there was no abuse and Heard is saying there is to secure a more generous financial settlement.

It’s likely that the new footage would not be admissible in court, partly because it is edited and because Depp is unaware that he is being recorded.

Amber filed for divorce from Depp on May 23, subsequently alleging her former husband committed acts of domestic violence. Heard is accusing Depp of hitting her and throwing a mobile phone during a fight in their Los Angeles apartment in May.

Divorces don’t look fun.