Tila Tequila Passionately Argues She Can Use The N-Word Because Of Nicki Minaj

Tila Tequila’s already proven herself genuinely seven kinds of crazy, but this is a new damn high for the lady. She really reached deep to pull something ludicrous from the looney bin with this bit a few days ago:

Someone I know who’s obviously NOT from Houston told me I need 2 stop saying the N word. Well, if u want change then stop saying it in songs. You can’t expect people of all races 2 listen to popular music and not have the N word embedded into their heads….. but that’s my opinion. Example: @NICKIMINAJ has a song where she says “N—-” over 100 times & has violent gun visuals 2 the music vid! What outcome did u expect? Trust me, I don’t listen to her crappy songs created specifically to trigger black manchurian candidates. Because most people don’t realize that visuals + music aka soundwaves can trigger & activate certain responses in people who are unaware. Some of these crappy songs target mostly black people.

Yes, Tila Tequila’s in the throes of a social-media driven rampage, proclaiming her firmly held belief that she should be able to use the N-Word just because Nicki Minaj does too. Whew. What a well-structured, impeccably thought out argument, I don’t even know how anyone in their right mind could disagree with the lady..

Then there’s the whole bit about everyone making a big deal about Tila Tequila’s off-putting, larger-than-life contacts. She took to Twitter to vent-tweet, saying:

But it’s chill when you really get at the nut of it all, because Tila Tequila’s a ‘blindspot’ planted in a covert operation. This might be the point we nominate her for a spot on the next boat out to Shutter Island to share a whitewall-padded cell with Leo DiCaprio if DiCaprio doesn’t get the Oscar this year, and ends up losing his mind–totally viable.

Amidst all the craziness, I want to close with Tila Tequila’s best if not outright wtf sentiment as part of her rationale for using the ‘n-word’ at her discretion: