Tim Kaine Courts The Southern Lax Bro Vote, Busts Out ‘Wagon Wheel’ Cover On Harmonica

For the past eight years, us Bros have been blessed by having an ally in the vice president’s office.

Joe Biden is, was, and forever will be a Bro. Always.

While it’s certain that the next person to occupy the Naval Observatory will be a dude, the question remains, will he be Bro?

Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate, is currently more Dadcore than Bro as fuck, but down in North Carolina, he tried to bridge that gap.

Kaine went on stage at a brewery in Catawba and whipped out his harmonica, tooting along as a band played a cover of ‘Wagon Wheel.’

‘Wagon Wheel,’ as you may know, is every southern lax Bro’s anthem, the perfect jam for sitting on your frat house patio in thong sandals, some salmon shorts, a pinnie, a fad wad of chaw in your mouth, and a Busch Light in your hand.

Heading down south to the land of the pines? Damn right we are, son. Damn right we are.

Clinton and Kaine are currently up big in North Carolina, and this play right at the heart of possible Trump supporters couldn’t hurt.

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