STUDY: Time Of Day Men And Women Want To Have Sex Is Very Different, So…HOORAY COMPROMISE!



The vast majority of the population — save for asexuals, I suppose — wants to have sex at some point during any given day. Do we always fulfill that desire? No. Whether there is no opportunity or we’re in a long relationship and “GODDAMMIT, NOT NOW, I’M TIRED,” most people don’t have sex every day. New and exciting young love, notwithstanding. Also, sex addicts. Their desire knows no boundaries.

But why don’t we always want to bang our girlfriends/wives/boyfriends/husbands every day? Is decreased sexual attraction the cause or is it because the newness wears off and we become bored with the same old shit? Or is it porn?

In truth it’s probably a bit of all three. But according to survey results from sex toy brand Lovehoney, time of day may also be a big factor. Their survey of 2,300 people found that 78% of men and 69% of women want sex at different times of the day. Like, COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

According to the Lovehoney survey, women are most likely to yearn for sex at 11.21pm in the evening, while men — possibly because we’re armed with unstoppable morning boners — want sex the most at 7.54am. In our defense, when we’re drunk at 11:21pm at night we definitely are willing to throw in the towel and fuck a lady or two. We’re compromising gentlemen like that.

So there you have it. Another log to the pile of shit you have to compromise on. At least sex, for most of us guys in relationships, isn’t the worst thing we have to do in a relationship. That would actually listening to her tell you how her day was. Vomit.

[H/T Mirror]

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