In Case You Missed It, Here’s A Timeline Of The Non-Beef That’s Going On Between Eminem And Drake

In the fake beef to end all fake beefs, news broke earlier this month that a rapper on Eminem’s label, Joe Budden, has been “quite vocal” about what he thinks of Drake’s fourth studio album, Views. The story goes that Budden’s (also fake) beef with Drake had somehow spread to Eminem like the Zika virus ripping through Brazil, and rather than come out with a diss track and surprise the hell out of everybody, he told Hot 97 radio host Ebro that he was composing a Drake diss track of his own.

“Why would Eminem announce to some radio host he’s aboutta drop a diss track instead of just dropping the track and letting it speak for himself? That doesn’t seem very Slim Shady of him,” is what any somewhat-intelligent person would say, and if you fall into that category you are correct – Ebro made shit up just for the sake of stirring the pot.

But of course, people went wild with speculation anyway, which is why we’re even still talking about the damn thing. Though it’s not like it’d be much of a competition in the first place – Marshall Mathers is a rap god, and Drake was on Degrassi. There’s no comparison.