Do You Suck At Tinder, But Have Money? Then Tinder Boost Is For You!

Are you not good at Tinder?

Do you severely lack game?

Like your Tinder rap is total and complete dogshit.

Are you not swimming in pussy from your Harry Potter jokes?

Are your age-old pickup lines not working?

Or are you just a cheeky asswipe?

Well don’t fret because now on Tinder, just like in real life, you have a better chance if you have money. Introducing Tinder Boost, an option that allows your profile to be put at the front of the line for a cost. Tinder Boost has been available in Australia and the UK, but now is being rolled out worldwide.

The company says Tinder Boost can increase your profile views by as much as 10x.

Tinder Boost puts you at the top of the queue for only 30 minutes, so don’t fucking blow it with a shitty element symbol pun such as this.