This ‘Tinder For Air Travel’ App May Be The Best Shot You’ve Got To Earn Your Mile-High Club Wings

Mile High Club

Mile High Club

The Mile High Club, in my correct opinion, is a lot like anal sex in that it sounds great in theory, but with just a bit of turbulence, you could wind up covered in shit.

The only thing I want to do on a flight is down a xanax bar, order no more than three beers and forget that I’m 30,000 feet in the air and the only thing saving me in a crash is my fucking seat cushion.

I’d consider myself a lonely guy, but I’m a bit too proud to be trying to throw dick game at Cheryl in seat 3B. The end game there just isn’t clear enough. If we don’t hook up in the shoebox of a bathroom, what are we going to do the dirty in the bathroom at Johnny Rockets when we land? Unlikely.

But, for those who are prone to leave no stone unturned, a new app deemed the ‘Tinder for air travel’ could streamline you into the Mile High Club.

Via New York Post:

AirDates allows air travelers to connect — and flirt — in flight, a sort of Tinder in the sky.

The free app encourages users to post their travel itinerary ahead of time, so they can link up with passengers scheduled to be on the same flight.

Users can “check in” at the airport, chat with passengers on the ground and on the plane (no internet connection required) — and scan around to find potential new prospects.

CEO Michael Richard of the London-based app told that the inside of a plane is the “safest place to have a date.”

So there you have it bros. If you’re looking to pass the time on your flight, you could always send creepy app messages to a stranger. Or you could write your message on a napkin and send it up with the stewardess like a real man.

[h/t New York Post]