Tinder Girl Finishes Her Profile With The One Thing That Should Make Every Bro Swipe Left Immediately

by 4 years ago


Look, I know some of you bastards are into freaky shit. I’m not judging you. If some chick tells you that she gets off by chugging a pint of Pepto Bismol while watching you jerk off to Hello Kitty hentai and your response is a resounding “Me too!” then hey, more power to you. Get on with your kinky self.

…but if you can manage to get through this girl’s entire Tinder profile and still think to yourself “Eh…I’d hit that” then you need to raise your standards by at least a few miles. I mean…Jesus, that last line? I’d like to think you have at least some dignity. It’s 2015, there ain’t room for that kind of bigoted thinking in society anymore (not that there ever was in the first place either).

Also, “19 almost 20”? As opposed to “19 almost 25”? Come on our public schools aren’t THAT bad I hope.


[H/T Reddit]