This Guy’s Tinder Horror Story Of A Girl And Her Glow-In-The-Dark Sex Toy Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

tinder horror story


We’ve all read or heard about some weird encounter as a result of using Tinder. It’s just one of the hazards of using a dating app like that, but damn, this one goes right up near the top for all-time bizarre stories.

In this story, Imgur user duckingautocucumber tells the tale of how when he first signed up for Tinder he knew nothing about online dating.

So here he is, using Tinder for the first time when finds a girl he likes and decides to get together with a woman he calls Joeladapus.

Turns out that besides being really aggressive with him in their first meeting at a bar, he decides to head back to her apartment anyway. That’s when things went completely off-the-rails.

As in he sees a “massive green dildo on the table” when he arrives there weird. But is just the beginning…

tinder horror story 1


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