This Guy Hit On A Girl On Tinder By Telling Her How Their Entire Life Would Turn Out If They Got Together

by 4 years ago

Last last night, one of our readers emailed a conversation (below) that he had with a girl on Tinder. In the email, he claimed that her profile said she was into “politics and law.” This is a key detail which semi-explains his next move.

Being the natural born lady killer that he is, he took that “politics and law” information and he milked it for all it was worth by telling the girl (in the most ridiculous way possible) how the rest of their life would go if they got together.  He even went as far as taking the liberty to name their unborn children, one of which he already likes more than the other.







Yeah…this def lead sex. Probably anal, too…Gratuitous amounts of anal. I’m sure of it. Because that’s how “baby girl” likes it.

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