This Guy Was A Total Douche To A Girl On Tinder, So She Got Revenge By Messaging His Mom On Facebook

There’s something to be said for getting straight to the point and cutting out all the extra bullshit when it comes to Tinder. I mean, you downloaded Tinder to bang, not to make friends (and if you indeed downloaded it to make friends, you should probably go and delete the app right now). However, there’s a difference between being direct and being a douche.

Wesley here is a douche.


In the words of Ron Burgundy…

Indeed Ron, indeed it did. If I had a dollar for every time someone called me a “dog slut piece of shit” on Tinder, I would have $0, because that’s not a normal thing to do. Wesley either has anger issues or is pathetically awful when it comes to pickup lines, although I suspect both are true in this case.

If you’re hoping that the next Tinder screencap has a witty response from Lori, then you’re in luck, because she went and did probably the ballsiest thing any scorned Tinder person I’ve seen has done:

She messaged Wesley’s Mom on Facebook.


Unfortunately for us, Wesley’s Mom hasn’t responded yet, but I’m sure after this little bit of Tinder gold makes its rounds she’ll give her son a quick spanking and ground him with no television for a week, since with that sort of attitude there’s a 95% chance Wesley still lives in his Mom’s basement.

[H/T Death and Taxes Mag]