Bro Swings For The Fences With Wildly Offensive Opening Line On Tinder

by 3 years ago


It’s not a very common name, so chances are you’ll never find yourself in this predicament, but if you ever do happen to find yourself matching with a girl named ‘Kember’ on Tinder you should under NO circumstances use the opening line this dude threw out.

As far as names go I’d say that ‘Kember’ is actually not that bad, because it’s unique but not at the sake of being named ‘Fromunda Cheese’ or something like that. Instead of appreciating Kember’s name for being unique this dude instead thought he’d throw up an incredibly offensive hail mary, one taking the form of a joke poking fun at disabilities. His hail mary was not well received, as you can see below…

Like I said before, it’s a swing-and-a-miss. I’m not sure it’s ever advisable to open up with jokes making fun of people with disabilities, but I’ve been wrong about many things in life and might be wrong about this. Now if you ARE looking for some good inspiration on an opening line there’s this bro’s ice breaker when talking to a Persian girl, and because it’s much more likely that you match with a Persian chick than a chick named Kember you might want to commit this one to memory if you want to lock up that first night in the sack:

h/t to fentonthehuman over at r/tinder for sharing the Kember pic!

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