Tiny Taekwondo Bro Fails At Board Breaking, Succeeds At Being Awesome

I don’t even really like kids, but that won’t stop me from admitting that this is probably the cutest/best video of the Summer of 2015. I’ve always said that I’d rather maintain a steady flow of puppies and dogs in my life in place of having children, but it’s videos like that have me wondering if I might be wrong. Both you and I know that BroBible isn’t a place for someone to gush about how goddamn cute a video is, but once you watch this clip you’ll understand just why I had to share it with you today. Currently this video’s at 3,000 views but I suspect by the time we wake up tomorrow it’ll have somewhere close to 3 million. You gotta respect this little dude bro’s dedication to breaking that board, even if he’s as lethal and dangerous as one of those troll doll pencil erasers:

This little dude bro is trying his hardest to break a board in Taekwondo, only he’s too tiny to exert any significant force, and just keeps yelling ‘Aya! Aya! Aya!’ in hopes that it’ll easy the breaking of the board. Makes me wonder if this is what my childhood looked like back in the days of me working my way on up to a brown belt in Karate…and if parents train their children in Martial Arts in hopes of one day catching a clip as awesome as the one above.

Here are some highlights in GIF, for those of you who prefer that over video…though I feel like this video’s significantly enhanced by the kid constantly yelling ‘Aya!’:

Why aren’t all kids this awesome?

[ChildrenVids YouTube]