Today’s Teens Think JNCOs Are Stupid, Are Idiots Themselves

“Teens React” is the viral internet sensation that shows both how stupid us kids of the 90s were, with our one bit video games and graphing calculators and fucking awesome cartoon shows, as well as how hip and modern modern teens are with their iPad apps store and apps they can purchase from their iPad apps store.

It’s fun, cute, and campy, but today they’ve gone too far. The show’s producers brought a pair of JNCOs and let the teens have at it. These kids think the coolest pants ever are dumb and silly, because they are so hip with their tailored chinos that SPOILER ALERT: came into fashion while you losers were wearing shorts your parents picked out for you.

Anyway, fuck these kids who have no idea how cool it was to skank at an Operation Ivy concert. JNCOs. I can’t wait to own a pair when they come back.

[Via Doug]