This Bro Live-Tweeted A Dump That Made Him Run Outta Toilet Paper, Someone Saw It And Delivered Him More TP



The next time you run out of toilet paper in a public restroom, instead of awkwardly groping around underneath the stall next to you in the hopes that someone is not only in there but would be willing to hand you some spare toilet paper, just tweet about it! If you’re lucky like 16-year-old Adam Greenwood, the train company will see your tweet and come running to your rescue with a fresh roll of toilet paper.


But then, like a freak bolt of lightning that managed to miss the town gas station but still hit an oil refinery, Virgin Trains responded.




And just like that, toilet paper arrived.


So the next time you run out of toilet paper in a public place, maybe try Twitter before you start hollering “Helpp I need toilet paper plzz” to the strangers standing outside your stall.


[H/T Elite Daily, images via Shutterstock and Twitter]