The Hot New Animal Scaring The Crap Out Of People In Public Bathrooms Are ‘Toilet Paper Possums’

Employees at the Yarra Bend Park found this dude in the public restroom when they went to service the bathroom. They were able to extract him and get him back into the safety of the woods where there are less humans taking a dump.

My dad told me at a really young age to never, ever screw with a possum. Maybe it was a raccoon. He might have just said “don’t go outside.” I don’t remember, I was only five, and he left and never came back. The possum in the backyard. Not my dad. He left when I was in high school.

The better advice is “never screw with most animals unless you’ve got a gun or other weapon.” Especially don’t mess with pissed off vermin stuck inside toilet paper dispensers. This possum looks like he’d cut a bitch he’s so angry.

[via Some eCards]