The U.S. Gets Ravaged By A Weaponized Super-Virus In Tom Clancy’s ‘The Division’: Hellish Havoc Imminent

Tom Clancy’s ‘The Division’ is live, and the impressively-realised world of post-apocalyptic New York is up for exploration, if the goddamn series of crippling server glitches would relent, and missions would open up consistently. But hey, post-apocalyptic New York..and here I thought the world caught a glimpse of that blizzard-pounded day(s) of reckoning just a month or so ago. You know what I’m talking about: that time the Goddess of Winter came for Eddard Stark, and unloaded over two feet of snow on D.C. and New York?

‘The Division’ opens with an expectant roar of chaos, and you at the very eye of the shitstorm trying to seize control over the hellish situation that will ensue any time a pack of sleeper agent fuckbois release a weaponized supervirus in the United States that wipes out almost everyone. It’s your valiant task to level up in an rampant RPG world as you crack down on sadistic streetwalking nut jobs, instill authority, and ultimately establish/run a base to make sure The Big Apple doesn’t rot away altogether.

As far as the game’s biggest pro, this early in it’s definitely the PVP focused ‘Dark Zone’: a wasteland of a wild west, where players can duke it out for infected loot and try to crack each other’s skulls in the process. The catch here being that there are tons of dudes out there absurdly skilled at leveling up (maybe from endless hours on WOW, fuck if I know), and thus outrageously OP (overpowered) when it comes to an open, winner-take-all battlefield. The graphic’s are top-notch as well. Check out this trailer that shows off some of the enemy factions your character’s bound to come across as he navigates the apocalyptic wasteland of sheer mayhem as well:

‘The Division’ dropped for Xbox One, PS4, and PC February 8, 2016. Definitely worth trying to get your hands on a copy soon!