Alaska Airlines Just Subtly Burned Tomi Lahren On Twitter And All The Snowflakes On Twitter Are Lovin’ It

Sometimes the best burns are the subtle burns. Back in January, Wale put hot take queen Tomi Lahren on blast in a new track about Donald Trump being elected president. The two went at each other on Twitter, with Wale referring to Tomi as Tammy. The Internet collectively cackled at the simple but subtle burn, especially since she was all mad about him messing up her name in the first place.

Fast forward to yesterday. Tomi Lahren put Alaska Air on blast, as people on Twitter love to do.

Ryan, a customer service rep at the airline, saw a lay-up and took it:

Predictably, the Internet reacted as such:

Let’s hope poor Ryan still has a job. He should be promoted for a burn like that: