New Research Finds That Being Too Happy Can Kill You, Especially In These Situations

happy wedding day


Too much of a good thing can kill you. Booze, hookers, blow and now happiness! Too much happiness can kill a man! (or woman, death don’t discriminate)

Swiss Researchers at the University Hospital Zurich found that it’s not just sadness that can cause Takotsubo syndrome, or broken-heart syndrome.

While analyzing data from 485 patients from nine countries, the researchers found that the syndrome was sparked in 96 percent by sad situations, including the loss of loved ones and relationship problems.

But 4 percent experienced the potentially deadly condition because of joyous occasions, says the research published Thursday in the European Heart Journal.

The rare syndrome is brought on by a sudden increase of stress hormones in a person’s system. Here are some examples of just when a “happy death” can strike.

Happy moments, such as a milestone birthday or wedding, can also trigger the syndrome, which causes a sudden weakening of the heart’s muscles. It has a variety of symptoms, including shortness of breath and chest pain that mimic heart attacks.

So basically any moment where you’re suddenly happier than a pig in shit like graduation day, a big gambling win or your boss losing everything in a divorce.

The best advice is to stay cool about everything. Act like every situation, good or bad, is no big deal. Also, never celebrate a birthday again and for fuck’s sake don’t get married.

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