Tour De Fridge Is Australia’s Amazing All-Day Drinking & Bicycle Race Where 1,600 Beers Are Pounded By Contestants

The Tour De Fridge is Australia’s version of the Tour de France bicycle race, with some major improvements. First off, unlike the Tour de France, you don’t have to bike your ass off for 21 days over 2,200 miles like you’re attempting to escape some apocalyptic event that has rendered all gas-powered vehicles useless. In the annual Tour De Fridge, you spend one spectacular day traveling through Ellenbrook, a town in Perth, Australia. But this isn’t just a fun bicycle jaunt where you ride to feel the wind blow through your hair. You get shitfaced.

The 80 brave racers visit seven houses on their all-day drinking marathon. At each rest point, they chug beers. A lot of them. There are 1,600 beers; so 20 for each competing athlete.

Plus they indulge on a drink of Goon, which is a cheap wine-in-a-box served in a silver sack that is probably comparable to our Boone’s Farm. They have over SIX gallons of the sweet swill to consume. There are also various bottles of hard alcohol that show up throughout the course.

The lads make sure things are safe by only riding on their bicycles while they are in their severely inebriated state. However there is definitely more bicycling accidents as the day progresses.

Bicycling isn’t the only athletic competition in this event, there is beer pong, tetherball, impromptu wrestling, condiment fights, impromptu diving and there’s even a noodle-joust on planks over a swimming pool.

The Pope, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Waldo, Buzz Lightyear, Jesus and one angry dildo that gets in everyone’s face show up to the race.

Why on God’s green Earth is this amazing sporting event not in the United States?

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