WOAH: Tourist Wearing A GoPro Captures The Scary Moment Someone Tried To Rob Him At Gunpoint

Woah. This is maybe the most intense YouTube video I’ve ever watched. It comes from a tourist riding a bike in Buenos Aires and reminds me A LOT of the South African mountain biker who was robbed while wearing a GoPro back in June. The theft, who pulls up on a motorbike, flashes a gun in the guy’s face while demanding him to hand over his backpack. Despite the guy packing heat, the victim with the GoPro refuses to give up his backpack, especially when bystanders start gathering around him. I couldn’t breathe and started to sweat when the guy started putting up a fight in the video to hand it over.

I hate to say “you’ll see how it ends,” but you’ll see how it ends.

[H/T: Uproxx]

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