This Town Is Called ‘The City Of Sex’ Because Most Guys There Have Two Or Three Girlfriends

city of sex dongguan china


Dongguan, in south China’s Guangdong Province, might not be the best place to find work if you’re a guy, but if you’re looking to hook up there might be no better place on the planet.

Why? Because local factories there prefer to hire women for most of their jobs saying that men just aren’t as reliable. Pfft

Reports the Mirror

One man told local TV: “It is a lot easier here to find a girlfriend than a job.”

The few men who do have jobs at the factories are in an even better position when it comes to finding a girlfriend, because most of the women end up spending long hours at work on the production lines.

That means if they look for love, the main place for them to find consolation is from within the company.

The disproportionate number of women has recently led to Dongguan being branded the ‘capital of sex‘ with many women still willingly and knowingly involving themselves in relationships with men who already have other partners.

Li Bin, a migrant factory worker from south-western Sichuan Province, said: “I have three girlfriends, and all of them know about each other. Many of my friends also have many girlfriends.”

He added: “There are so many young and naive female workers in the city. Why not have more than one if we can? Look, everyone is here to have fun; if you don’t do it, others will.”

Li Bin also said that it’s considered “a joke” for a dude there to just have one girlfriend.

Li Bin knows how to humblebrag.

H/T Mirror; Two girls and one guy image by Shutterstock