Tracy Morgan May Never Be Able To Perform Again Due To Brain Damage From His Crash Back In June

Despite several initially positive reports that Tracy Morgan was making a decent recovery and in good spirits, it appears that Tracy Morgan’s June limo crash may have left him unable to perform ever again.

According to Page Six and Morgan’s lawyer, Benedict Morelli:

The 45-year-old funnyman is undergoing rigorous rehab including daily speech, cognitive, vocational and physical therapies in an attempt to get his life back since the New Jersey accident left him wheelchair-bound.

When asked if the “30 Rock” comic will ever perform again, his lawyer, Benedict Morelli, said, “The jury’s still out.”

“The doctors don’t know the answer. I don’t know the answer,” he added.

On the back of such dreary news, the NY Daily News recently published a photo of Morgan with the following description:

The beloved comedian was met with encouraging smiles from people who appeared to be relatives, but the cane soon gave way to a sturdier walker and his progress appeared to be painfully slow as he inched his way to a waiting SUV.

While it’s evident that Morgan has come a long way from his crash back in June, whether or not it’s accurate to say that his progress is “painfully slow as he inched his way” can be debated (ramping up the drama to sell papers, much?). Regardless, it’ll be a while (and maybe never) until we have the old Tracy Morgan back again.


[Images via NY Daily News and Shutterstock, H/T NY Daily News and Page Six]