‘Traffic Jam Jimmy’ Ordering A Fish Sandwich At McDonald’s Is Local News At Its Finest

Baltimore’s Fox affiliate sent ol’ Traffic Jam Jimmy out on the roads at 4 a.m. and expected him to miss breakfast. But Traffic Jam Jimmy doesn’t roll like that. No, he eats when he damn pleases — even if that’s on-air.

He was caught trying to order a morning fish sandwich when the studio threw it back to him for a report.

And since he’s Traffic Jam Jimmy, he handed it like a pro, even when he was informed it was too early for the lunch menu.

Here’s hoping he expensed that $4.66 order. The company owes him at least that for ruining his break.

Also, you’re probably wonder why his beard is orange. It’s in support of multiple sclerosis victims. An important cause to be sure, but also an additional layer of comedy to pick through.

[H/T: New York Daily News]