Chick Born With Tramp Stamp Birthmark Is Becoming ‘Internet Famous’ Thanks To The Dinosaur On Her Ass


imgur / maximeindeed

A woman on Imgur who posts under the user name ‘maximeindeed’ is tasting a bit of Internet fame after she uploaded a picture of her ‘tramp stamp’ birthmark that’s since gone viral. Her birthmark is located upon her buttocks, around the area where Forrest Gump got shot back in Vietnam, and it’s in the shape of an animal that many people often spend hundreds of dollars to have permanently inked onto their bodies: a friendly dinosaur.

‘MaximeIndeed’ first posted the picture of her self-described ‘tramp stamp’ three days ago to IMGUR, and already the gallery of photos has picked up nearly 250,000 views. And I don’t know what you bros are seeing, but to me I’m seeing Littlefoot from The Land Before Time, though she claims in the gallery/comments below that people often think it’s a turtle or some various kind of dinosaur:

“When I was born mother nature decided to give me a natural tramp stamp.”

“Luckily, rather than it being in the middle of my lower back, it’s pretty much right on my left hip.”

“Basically, it’s a bigass birthmark or dyspigmentation I believe it’s called. I have always hated it and since I can remember I’ve said “when I’m older I’m having it removed”. As I got older however I have realized its charm and grown to love it.”

“Now, what makes this something out of the ordinary is the fact that it’s (vaguely) shaped like a dinosaur, I think. Some people call it a turtle, some a dino, regardless it’s kind of cute. It’s my thing.”

I have a thing.


As for why any of this is interesting or why people are so fascinated by her tramp stamp birthmark I do NOT have a clue, I’ll let you make your own mind up on that.

Seriously, major props to her for not having that ‘Tramp Stamp x Birth Mark’ removed to only later regret the decision and get it tattooed on during Spring Break in Panama City Beach, Florida. A tramp stamp birthmark of a dinosaur is something to be PROUD of, not something to be be ashamed of.

Of course IMGUR commenters are now all coming forth with what they think the dinosaur tramp stamp birthmark really looks like, and I gotta admit some of the imgurian commenters might be on to something:

The Island of New Guinea

And a turtle:

To me though it’s obvious that the tramp stamp birthmark is a dinosaur. I’m curious though what you bros think. Answers down below in the comments on whether this is a dinosaur or a turtle!