Guy With Balls The Size Of Ostrich Eggs Crashes Feminism Festival And Trolls The Sh*t Out Of Everyone

Steven Crowder is the man behind ‘Louder With Crowder’, a blog and YouTube channel, and if either of those sound familiar it’s because he has 600K+ Facebook fans, 120K+ Twitter followers, and 127K+ YouTube subscribers which have gained him over 32 MILLION VIEWS on YouTube. That’s a MASSIVE social footprint, so chances are you’ve either heard of Steven Crowder of ‘Louder With Crowder’ by now, because he’s known for doing some attention grabbing videos. In one of his most recent videos Steven gets kicked out of what he calls a ‘radical feminism festival’ after showing up to protest wearing just his underwear. The video is 14 minutes long with most of it comprised of him talking in front of the camera, the part where he gets kicked out is around the 6:20 mark, and the part where he’s in his underwear protesting the feminism convention is around the 13:00 mark.

This is the description from Facebook (his words, not mine): “New video. Yes, I was kicked out of a radical “Feminist Film Festival” in my underwear. Yes, you’ll learn about radical feminism along the way. Can you believe these people?” and the video is titled ‘#SJW Feminist Festival Crashed By Crowder…In Underwear‘. This recent video from Crowder is beginning to go viral as it’s already picked up up thousands of shares and likes on Facebook (and is currently climbing the front page of Reddit), which I guess is proof that people are willing to click some pretty controversial shit on the Internet.

The About Page of Crowder’s YouTube channel states the following “Pop culture and politics from the most politically incorrect comedy channel on the web. Hippies and Muslims hate me!”, so again, it should come as no surprise that this professional YouTube troll gets a lot of clicks by pissing a lot of people off.

So now that you gentlemen have all watched the video I’m interested in your feedback, comments down below!