‘TRON’ Roller Coaster At Disneyland Shanghai Is The Coolest F’n Thing I’ve Ever Seen And I Want To Ride It NOW

It’s been a whopping 34 years since the original TRON hit theaters back in 1982, and it’s been six years since Tron: Legacy rebooted the franchise in 2010 and brought TRON‘s ground-breaking graphics into the 21st century.

I’d say that the plot in Tron: Legacy failed to ever fully develop into what you’d expect from a legendary film, but what that movie lacked in robust plot it more than made up for in aesthetics. You might have never even seen TRON or Tron: Legacy but I’m willing to bet you know of the ‘light cycles’ from the film, and the characteristic light suits.

Well, as you can see above all of these famous elements of TRON were incorporated into a roller coaster at Disneyland Shanghai. This video that was filmed back in late June on the roller coaster is just now making the rounds, and for good reason, because this roller coaster looks like the coolest fucking ride on planet earth. I’ve never had much desire to visit Shanghai other than to eat food because the entire city seems like a clusterfuck of mayhem and lights, but after seeing this clip of the TRON roller coaster I think I’ve found another activity that just might make the trip to Shanghai worthwhile.

The TRON roller coaster is the featured attraction at Shanghai Disneyland, the news park in Disney’s worldwide arsenal of attractions. Disneyland Shanghai only opened its doors to the public back in June of 2016 after initially being slated for a 2015 opening. The park features the full slate of typical Disney attractions that a visitor might expect to find, so it’s sure to be printing cash by the second once the public gets wind of this roller coaster.

…(h/t r/videos via SoCal Attractions 360)…