Truck Driver Handles A S.C. Flooded Road Like A Champ, Plows Through The Water Like He’s Driving A Boat

Over the past few days South Carolina has been hit with record rain levels, with some areas getting over two feet of rain. President Obama has declared a state of emergency in the S.C. as much of the state was crippled by flash floods, leaving roads either completely submerged or washed away. And while much of the state is still running around like chickens with their head’s cut off there’s one man out there who has no time to waste on the flood, and drives through some of the deepest flood waters you’ll ever see.

Zero. Fucks. Given.

In America our truck drivers get paid by the mile instead of by the hour or salaried, and with that extremely high air intake on his 18-wheeler that truck driver knew he could make it through those waters safely. I did get a little worried towards the end of this video that his truck was going to give out, but alas he just kept on truckin’ right through that water. Also, the commentary on this video is A++. Just truly top notch.