Make Card Games Great Again With ‘Trump Against Humanity’

by 4 years ago

In his own words, President-elect Donald Trump has declared that he has “the best words.”

So what better way to celebrate the man with the best words than to give him his own word game. So the Sid Lee Collective created “Trump Against Humanity,” an unofficial expansion pack to the popular Cards Against Humanity. The cards include some of Trump’s greatest quotes such as “Make _____ great again,” and “Yuuuuge.” There are topics such as immigration, father-daughter incest, Mexicans, and China.

Sid Lee’s executive creative director, Jeffrey De Silva told Mashable. “Trump did most of the legwork for us, since he can’t seem to go long without saying something ridiculous.”

However, for legal reasons, Sid Lee Collective isn’t able to sell their product anymore.

While Trump Against Humanity has been banned, you can still buy Cards Against Humanity’s Donald Trump Bug-Out-Bag, which offers “25 cards about America’s 45th and last President, Donald Trump.”

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