Trump’s Second Wife Claims He Made Out With Her As She Gave Birth To Their Daughter #PowerMovesOnly

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The Wedding of the Year - Mr. Trump Takes Another Gamble

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You bros remember Marla Maples? Refresher: She was Trump’s side piece turned second wife (1993-1999) who he allegedly pressured to pose for Playboy and likely pressured her into telling the New York Post Trump was ‘The best sex I’ve ever had.’ Solid PR play, Donald. Solid.

Welp, in  a 1995 episode of Lifetime’s “Intimate Portrait”, the now 52-year-old Maples claims that she took a “spiritual approach to her delivery” when birthing Tiffany. This means no pain medications, just New Age music, aromatherapy and massage in a candle-filled room.

The Daily Beast pointed out Trump’s opinion on that hippie shit.

“I was very nervous, because she was in a lot of pain,” Donald said in an uncharacteristically human moment following Tiffany’s birth. “I tried to convince her to take something, but she wouldn’t. I asked the doctor to convince her, but he knew Marla was determined not to take any drugs. She’s so strong, such a strong woman. I’m amazed.”

Since Marla was not adhering to his requests, the Donald had to take matters into his own small hands, and administer her a lethal dose of the world’s most powerful antidote: love.

Marla claims Donald “did a lot of kissing while I was delivering.”

While most men are throwing quarters at a vending machine in the hospital waiting room, Trump is at ground zero delivering sweet tender love as his short-lived wife sweats on his face. Anyone whose ever called him a misogynist or a womanizer obviously hasn’t witnessed his poise and charm as his lover pushed a bowling ball out of her vagina. You can’t teach power moves like that, you’re born into them.

[h/t Daily Beast]

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