Guy Gets ‘Trump Stamp’ Tattoo For Radio Contest And Of Course The Prize Wasn’t Worth It

FM radio is still alive and still holding dumb contests for prizes. With the race for the White House in full swing, I’m sure more than a few stations are planning zany events. The Ben & Matt Show on 102.5 KNIX held a contest just went balls to the wall and said “screw it, we’ll give free concert tickets for a year to anyone who’ll get a Donald Trump tattoo.”

But not just any Trump tattoo —  a Trump Stamp.

Billboard caught up with the guy and asked him a couple questions, one of which most certainly had to be “seriously, dude, what the fuck?”

The winner of The Ben & Matt Show‘s “Trump Stamp” challenge spoke to Billboard by phone from his parked truck on Tuesday (March 22), where he admitted, “The only reason why I did it was for the concert tickets” – really any concert tickets, as Gaardner had no particular band in mind when he entered the competition. “Any of ’em would do for me,” he said. “I just like music.”

I like music too but not enough to put a giant tattoo of Trump above my ass. And this isn’t blasting Trump, I think any tattoo is an awful idea when a contest is involved. Even if he can get it removed it’s going to cost a ton of time and it’s painful as hell.

The kind of pain that even front row at Kenny Chesney can’t mute.

[via Billboard]

Speaking of eventual tattoo removals…