Guy Gets ‘Trump Stamp’ Tattoo For Radio Contest And Of Course The Prize Wasn’t Worth It

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FM radio is still alive and still holding dumb contests for prizes. With the race for the White House in full swing, I’m sure more than a few stations are planning zany events. The Ben & Matt Show on 102.5 KNIX held a contest just went balls to the wall and said “screw it, we’ll give free concert tickets for a year to anyone who’ll get a Donald Trump tattoo.”

But not just any Trump tattoo —  a Trump Stamp.

Billboard caught up with the guy and asked him a couple questions, one of which most certainly had to be “seriously, dude, what the fuck?”

The winner of The Ben & Matt Show‘s “Trump Stamp” challenge spoke to Billboard by phone from his parked truck on Tuesday (March 22), where he admitted, “The only reason why I did it was for the concert tickets” – really any concert tickets, as Gaardner had no particular band in mind when he entered the competition. “Any of ’em would do for me,” he said. “I just like music.”

I like music too but not enough to put a giant tattoo of Trump above my ass. And this isn’t blasting Trump, I think any tattoo is an awful idea when a contest is involved. Even if he can get it removed it’s going to cost a ton of time and it’s painful as hell.

The kind of pain that even front row at Kenny Chesney can’t mute.

[via Billboard]

Speaking of eventual tattoo removals…

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