Putting Donald Trump’s Hair On Cats Is Taking Over Instagram And It’s GD Hilarious

by 4 years ago


Oh Internet… sometimes I don’t know what to do with you. Many a day I loathe you for oh-so-many reasons (it’s people, almost always people). But today, today you have done something wonderful.

For whatever reason, people have started giving their cats “The Donald” and posting the pics of their cats looking like feline versions of Donald Trump with his horrible hair.

First, Donald Trump buttplugs, and now this? It truly is a glorious day to be alive.

This new trend taking over Instagram is called #TrumpYourCat. Here’s how it’s done, according to Instagram page TrumpYourCat

1.Brush your cat
2.Form the hair you brushed into a toupee
3.Place toupee on cat
4.Share & tag @trumpyourcat, DM, or #trumpyourcat
>^.~.^< Your cat may or may not be happy with their new look, so be careful out there if it's not de-clawed.

Here are some highlights…

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