The Hilarious Truth About Father’s Day: How Dad Really Feels About His Special Day (NSFW Language)

It was just a month ago when the entire non-maternal population was bending over backwards to ensure mom got anything and everything she wanted on Mother’s Day. Father’s Day is this Sunday, and you know what dad wants for his special day? Peace and quiet. The ‘Dadholes’ is a sporadically ran YouTube series featuring two dads who have sunk deep within the depths of fatherhood madness, and with Father’s Day coming up this Sunday it seemed like the perfect opportunity for them to drop knowledge bombs on how dad really feels about his special day.

On Mother’s Day mom gets breakfast in bed, endless presents, she gets a day to do whatever she wants, all while she gets treated like the Queen she is. But on Father’s Day dad is expected to spend the entire day with the family, doing family stuff, being a family man. That’s the contract dad signed when he donated his swimmies to the creation of a child, or so I’m told. If this is the reality of fatherhood then count me out.

If you need more ‘Dadholes’ this is quite possibly their best work: