Massive Tuna Swallows A Seagull Whole, Realizes What It Ate, Spits That Sky Rat Back Out So It Can Fly Away


YouTube / ViralHog

This, my bros, is not something that you get to see every day. First off it’s exceedingly rare to find large yellowfin tuna so close to land. This incident took place in L’Escala, Girona, Spain, and I’ve never been there but I’m guessing that it’s a pretty deep harbor.

The mere fact that those tuna are swimming that close to the dock is pretty cool, but then the tuna swallows a live seagull whole and swims around with the bird inside of its mouth. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen footage of anything other than sharks (mostly tiger sharks) eating seagulls so that was pretty awesome to watch.

Let’s check that out once more in GIF:

It was also reassuring to see the tuna spit that bird out so that it can live to fly another day, because (1) I feel like that seagull would’ve wreaked havoc on that tuna’s stomach and (2) that bird now has a badass story to tell all his friends.

The thing that confuses me the most about this video is the complete lack of guys fishing. If I saw tuna swimming like that next to the dock you bet your ass I’d be standing there with a fishing rod in hand, and they’re all just standing back and laughing. Weird all around.

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(h/t Reddit/Videos)