Turkish Parliament Turns Into No-Holds-Barred WWE Royal Rumble Brawl That Makes US Congress Look Like ‘The Bachelor’

turkish parliament fight
You know what the United States Congress needs? A good ol’ fashioned bareknuckle brawl. Just a bar fight times five. Seems like we see other countries’ bodies of government getting feisty and fisty every other month. This video from the Associated Press is raw footage of the Turkish parliament getting straight gnarly with knuckles and jumps off the top rope…

I guarantee the guys going MOST nuts are top contenders in underground fight clubs. The weirdest part of the video is the water-tossing. Who throws water? This isn’t a cat that’s clawing at your couch, this all-out assault, brother! Unless you’re using the water as a distraction tactic, then I can get behind that.

Here’s the AP’s description of the video:

“A Turkish parliamentary committee has again erupted in chaos over a contentious ruling party proposal to strip legislators of their immunity from prosecution.”

Ah, yes. Immunity. We all want it. Very few of us get it. Part of me would love to have immunity. Walk around like I’m made of steel, MC Hammerin’ fools – can’t touch this here, can’t touch this there. Just writing about it has increased my hat size five times. But, that would ultimately lead to me neglecting my blind spot, overlooking my enemies, and leaving me vulnerable to attack.

Say what you will about this Royal Rumble in Turkey, but I wouldn’t be surprised if each side of this issue is closer to getting something positive done. Yes, things got out of hand quick, but at least it’s out in the open and it’s now a high priority issue to address. Like, when you fought that focker in grade school and then he became your best friend. Better than passive aggressively lobbing indirect verbal jabs and figuratively slinging mud. Step it up, Uncle Sam.