Hot TV Reporter Dives Into Ocean During Broadcast, Bikini Top Falls Off And She Ends Up Flashing Everyone Instead



Bernardita Middleton is a TV reporter who stars on the Chilean equivalent of “Good Morning America,” also known as “Good Morning Everyone” (real original here guys). While filming a live segment in the coastal town of Reñaca her studio companions dared her to take a dive into the ocean, and although she was fully prepared to do so since she’d arrived on-set in a swimsuit, clearly the scene didn’t go so well. Via Mirror,

The incident has been the topic of the day in digital portals with many social media users delighting in her misfortune.

“In Renaca the waves are very mischievous and it always happens. You just have to turn around pull up your bikini top and get on with it” said Bernadita, laughing it off.

She went on to describe how a few surfers managed to get a good look but “the camera didn’t see anything and anyway what are they going to see if I don’t have anything there to show!”

[protected-iframe id=”a05753e25ccaa0f126f018cd6ab10665-97886205-92829036″ info=”//″ width=”500″ height=”250″ frameborder=”0″]

Despite her embarrassment, Middleton has had a good attitude about the entire thing, saying “It was a fun situation.”

[H/T Mirror]

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