OUCH: Twitter Employee Finds Out He’s Been Fired In The Most Cringeworthy Way Possible

Twitter recently laid off 8 percent of it’s workforce, amounting to 336 pink slips globally.

Jack Dorsey, who was named as the social networking site’s permanent CEO last week, tweeted a link to the letter he sent employees as to the origin of his decision.

In the SEC filing letter, Dorsey writes:

So we have made an extremely tough decision: we plan to part ways with up to 336 people from across the company. We are doing this with the utmost respect for each and every person. Twitter will go to great lengths to take care of each individual by providing generous exit packages and help finding a new job.

“Upmost respect for every person.” Tell that to (former) Twitter engineer Bart Teeuwisse, who woke up this morning, checked his phone, and realized he had been fired through iOS notification.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsThis notification must have made Bart as angry as I get when my phone lights up only to tell me that weirdo in high school has requested to play Candy Crush with me. I feel you, bro.

I would say I feel bad for the dude but a.) he’s probably sleeping right now and b.) the publicity he’s getting from this is sure to land him a gig. Glad I could play a part in that, Bart. Let me know if you want to throw some of that Google signing bonus my way. I scratch your back, you scratch mine. Don’t be a dick about it.

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