Warning: Once You Go Down This Inexplicable Never-Ending Twitter Hole You May Never, EVER Get Out



Twitter is good for a lot of things. Mostly it’s used for Twitter beefs between people who really would have been better served keeping things on the down low.

Then again, how else would be able to entertain ourselves so often when we really should be, you know, working?

And now, apparently, Twitter has found a whole new use: causing people, like me, to lose their goddamn minds thanks to this never-ending series of unexplained retweets that seemingly has no end.

Don’t say that you weren’t warned…

What are they all worried about?! I need to know…

What is? What’s insane?!

Ugh. What is going on?!

Continue to allow what?!


Argggggggghhhh! That’s it. I can’t take anymore!

If you want to keep on going, do feel free. And, please, if you do somehow get to the end, LET ME KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM/ISSUE IS THAT HAS EVERYONE SO CONCERNED!

H/T (sort of, damn you) Some eCards

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