Dude On Twitter Has A Hilarious Story About Getting His Heartbroken By His Side Chick

by 1 year ago


One of my absolute favorite follows on Twitter is @WeNotSock. He really deserves more followers. Over the summer he went viral with an epic story about how having a girlfriend blew his mind. He’s had many, many more gems since then.

He’s just some random dude who tweets his hilarious thoughts about life and sports and dating. I want to buy him so many beers for how much joy he brings to my Twitter feed, which is flooded by try-hards and media hacks who aggressively toss out zingers about whatever is in the news cycle at any given moment. @WeNotSock is a damn breath of fresh air.

His most recent gold was this evening when he told a story about how heartbroken he was when he found out his side chick got a boyfriend. It’s morally confounding, which is why the rant is so damn perfect.

Please never change, @WeNotSock. Your words about your life bring so many people so much happiness.

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