Two People Drown in Pit of Poo Trying to Save Cellphone

by 4 years ago


I have never dropped my cellphone in a toilet before, but I imagine there’s a quick calculus that goes on in your head. 1. Have a pooped yet? 2. How bad a poo is it?

And then, either way, you reach in, pick up your phone, sanitize it and never tell anyone it happened.

That’s basically what occurred in China this weekend, except replace “toilet” with “fetid cesspool of shit” and “reach in” with “accidentally fall in and die.”

The tragedy unfolded after the woman dropped the $300 phone into the open-pit toilet. Her husband jumped into to retrieve the cell but soon lost consciousness.

His mother then jumped into to save him but she too lost consciousness.

In panic, reports the South China Morning Post, the woman who dropped the phone jumped in as well, but she was also overcome by the fumes.

She was plucked from safety and two neighbors were also treated for injuries.

One said: “The smell was too strong. I lost consciousness before I could see anything.”

In total, six people were pulled from the cesspool.

Nope. Nope, nope, nope.

[Via UPROXX; Image via Shutterstock]


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