This Two-Year-Old Girl Is 200x Braver Than You, Watch Her Let One Of The World’s Most Feared Animals Crawl On Her Arm

Spiders are the Great white sharks of the insect world. No one likes them because they’re scary as shit despite being mostly harmless. Granted, fuck with a brown recluse spider or a Great white shark and they’ll absolutely destroy you, but in general the chances of running into either of these two are slim and for the most part spiders don’t do anything besides get squashed by your foot when you see one crawling across your bathroom floor. Unless you live in Australia where every animal and insect is actively trying to maim you, there’s not much to worry about.

And yet…spiders are fucking awful and everyone shits themselves god forbid one start crawling up their arm.

But you know who has balls of steel? This two-year-old girl named Florence Haystaff. Florence has possibly the most “pasty little British girl” name ever conceived in history, and yet she’s the biggest badass you’ll ever see. Case in point? Look at this big fuckin’ motherfucker of a spider crawling up her arm. Florence don’t give no fuck about it, whereas everyone else I know would be shitting their pants. In fact, I’m feeling something start to groundhog just watching her.

Note that this isn’t necessarily a poisonous spider or anything. It’s just fuckin’ huge.

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