A Two-Year-Old Is Being Checked For STDs After Eating Something That Just Made Me Throw Up In My Mouth

Kids will eat anything and everything that’s put in front of them. This was the case with a 2-year-old from Russia who went to town on a wafer eaten out of a package that was not tampered with before opening. After chowing down on that wafer the mother of the child found something absolutely horrifying, and the kid’s now being tested for STD’s (or STI’s). So what’d that kid find inside of his wafer? Let’s take a look….



A USED CONDOM. The kid was eating a USED CONDOM that was inside of his sealed wafer package. And how the 2-year-old Russian child is being tested for STD’s. Why did this happen? My only guess is because it took place in Russia, and Russia’s the Florida of Europe and Asia.

The DailyMail reports:

A two-year-old is being tested for sexually transmitted infections after eating a wafer with a ‘used’ condom inside it.
Little Rayaz Khakimullin, from Kazan in central Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan, was munching on his favourite snack when his mother Guzel noticed there was something else in his mouth.
She ordered him to spit it out and to her horror, she discovered he was chewing on a condom, which she claims was used.
Guzel says the packet had not been tampered with before it was opened and called health inspectors.
She complained to the factory where the wafers were produced.
‘I am very concerned about my son’s health,’ Guzel said. ‘It is disheartening how a package of sweets can contain something like that.
‘This can happen to any other kid. I want to do as much as I can to prevent it.’
It is still unclear exactly how the foreign object got into a pack of wafers, but the family has demanded that the products be recalled because the rest of the condom could be in other packets.

This is how I imagine the two-year-old Russian reacted upon the finding the used condom inside of his wafer snack:


And this is how I reacted when I first heard this new:


I know that sanctions on the importation of food has led to tough times in Russia, but used condoms in sealed packets of wafers?!?!? Russians wonder why the West thinks the country is so crazy, yet stories like this come out on a daily basis.

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