This One Hilarious Typo Changed This News Report From A Real Story To A Story About Jerking Off

The best typos are the ones that still work in the sentence after the blunder because it still holds authenticity. People may honestly believe that the prime minister of Australia may actually need to stroke his sausage to do a decent thing. It’s not that outrageous to believe. Half the world’s population thinks that a dude built an arc and put all of the world’s animals on it, despite monumental logistical and sanitary challenges. And it’s common knowledge that emptying ones nutsack helps them think more level-headed afterwards. I’m starting to believe that this wasn’t a typo, but a genius political strategy. Strokin’ dicks to get political problems fixed. Just bought a dickload of Australian currency. Have fun with your American “democracy” pussies.

*unzips pants*

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