It Gets Real When An Uber Driver Realizes She’s Taking Her Boyfriend’s Side Chick TO HIS HOUSE

uber driver taking boyfriends side chick


Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways and karma, as they say, is a bitch.

That is something both this woman on Twitter, @Msixelaa, her boyfriend and his side chick found it in one of the most amazing, amusing stories you’ll read in some time.

For you see, @Msixelaa works as an Uber driver and recently she had a very unexpected passenger in her car.

After picking up a woman at the airport for what seemed like a typical fare, she soon discovered that her passenger was headed, unbelievably, to her boyfriend’s house. But not before his side chick told her ALL ABOUT how excited she was to visit him.

Naturally, she shared the whole crazy saga on Twitter so we could all enjoy it.



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